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Maybe you have a box in mind, but are not sure how to progress your ideas into reality. You could have something precious that needs to be stored somewhere safe, a family heirloom or an antique. Perhaps you want a jewellery box to organise and tidy your jewellery, but have never seen exactly what you want. And of course, maybe you are looking for a bespoke made gift for a special person.

This is where I can help you realise your idea - a commissioned piece.

There are a few stages to work through before your box can be delivered, as outlined below.

Stage 1- Initial design

The first thing I would like to know are any ideas you may have. It will give me an understanding of what you have in mind, and initiates a creative discussion. Hearing your ideas is really the best starting place, as being giving carte blanche means I have to guess your style and taste. So all input is welcome.

I will produce a design specification that details exactly what I will make. This document allows us both to double check everything, and ensure I am making what you expect. The design specification will also say how much the piece will cost. This price is fixed and I won't come back to you half way through asking for more money. 

Once the design specification is signed, I will require a deposit payment before I proceed.

Stage 2 - Material sourcing and the build

The next stage of the process is sourcing the materials required, the timber, any veneers, box linings and any specialist  box hardware.

The build can then proceed. I will keep you informed of major milestones, and an idea of when the box will be finished and ready for deliver.

Stage 3 - Delivery

When the box is completed, I will send an invoice detailing the balance payment, and once received delivery can be arrange.

I usually send the boxes I make via the Royal Mail or ParcelForce, as they provide full insurance and package tracking.  Occasionally, I might deliver in person.

A selection of past commissions


Oak burr jewellery box with jay marquetry

This oak burr jewellery box was made as a wedding day gift for the bride.  The image of the jay on the lid is made from a number of natural and dyed veneers.

Inside the box there are two lift out jewellery storage trays.


English walnut jewellery box

After seeing my work at an exhibition, I was contacted by a gentleman to make a jewellery box for his wife's birthday. Walnut was chosen as the wood, and this piece had some wonderful ripple grain used in the lid. Inside the box are two lift out jewellery storage trays.


Trio of English yew boxes

These three boxes were made from a single plank of yew. The grain pattern of the wood runs in sequence on the lids of the boxes. 

They were made for three siblings, the link between the siblings being reaffirmed by the link between the boxes.


The gentleman who commissioned these had previously commissioned a jewellery box for his wife.


Walnut 'Left-right' jewellery chest

Commissioned by a lady as a Christmas gift for her husband, this table-top jewellery chest is made from walnut and walnut burr.

The drawers of the chest were made to specific sizes to allow large objects, for example sunglasses in their cases, to be safely stored.


Oak business card storage box

The brief was simple - a wooden box to sit on a desk at work, and be used to store and organise business cards.

Inside the box are wooden partitions and plastic card dividers. There is enough space to hold over 300 business cards.

The box is made from oak with a poplar burr panel in the lid.

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