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The commissioning process

Commissioning is about making an idea real. You might have a clear idea for the perfect piece of furniture in the perfect place in your home or workplace. Or you might have just an inkling which you want a maker to flesh out for you.

Stage 1 - Initial design

Whatever your starting point, I will discuss the project in detail with you and see the place where the furniture will live when it is finished. Following our discussion, I will make sketches and sometimes 3-D computer models or physical scale models so you can see where the idea is heading. This stage ends with agreeing the final design and the price and at that point you make a one third down payment.

Stage 2 - Detail design and material sourcing

The next stage is to source and finish seasoning the wood, during which time I make the detailed drawings from which I will work throughout the project. I then schedule the work and let you know a likely completion date. When I start work on your piece, you make your second one third payment.

Stage 3 - The build

Now begins the real work of crafting your piece, where I transform unassuming raw materials into a piece of fine furniture which has been a pleasure for me to make and which I hope will be a pleasure for you to own.

Stage 4 - Delivery

When I have finished, I will deliver your piece to you and install it in its new home. At this stage, you pay the final balance for the work.

Your idea has now become a reality that I hope will give you a lifetime of lasting enjoyment and satisfaction.

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