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Bespoke handcrafted fine furniture

I am a designer and maker of hand crafted fine furniture for the home or workplace. My ethos is to realise my client’s vision, by creating beautiful pieces which bring pleasure to my clients and fulfil the purpose for which they were made.

It gives me great satisfaction to deliver a finished piece knowing its entire history: from the idea and design, to the purchase of the raw materials, the cutting, the shaping and the finishing that finally leads to a new creation.

Whether created to last for generations, to make the most of a space, or simply to please, hand crafted furniture endures way beyond the moment and is something anyone can own and treasure.

Examples of my furniture can be found in the gallery pages.

In addition to this furniture site, I have another website that is dedicated to my handmade jewellery boxes, so please have a look there to see the boxes I make.


Art-deco inspired bespoke cabinet made from walnut and sycamore

Spotlight on...

...a walnut and sycamore art-deco influenced cabinet. The curved legs, sides and handle detail give the cabinet an uplifting feel.

Gallery Stairs

Portfolio of work

To see my portfolio of furniture, please visit the gallery pages where each item can be individually viewed.

Dovetail joints cut in drawer sides


Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my work, or are looking to commission a piece of furniture.

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